IntelliQ and R&F Analyse Join Forces to Combat Fraud

Risc & Fraud Analyse B.V. (R&F), leaders in EPOS data analysis in the Netherlands, partner with IntelliQ, leading experts in the retail loss prevention sector.

Retail shrinkage refers to unaccounted inventory as a result of factors such as: employee theft, administrative errors, shoplifting, vendor fraud, and unknown losses.  Shrinkage can have a substantial impact upon retailers’ profits, and has been shown to peak during economic downturns, such as that sparked by the current ongoing pandemic. IntelliQ provides solutions to help tackle internal fraud and procedural errors to assist retailers with protecting their profitsR&F offers a platform which accumulates and analyses data for customers in the aim of creating a strategy to enhance efficiency. R&F can intelligently analyse the daily checkout operations that are performed anywhere within the organisation. Subsequently, fraudsters will appear promptly, resulting in administrative errors becoming evident and punishment regarding checkout operations in the store will then expand, ensuring limited damage. The fraud cases that are discovered by the analysts can be quickly and precisely picked up by R&F’s private investigation, and a correct and professional settlement of a fraud case pursued for the customer.

From its establishment R&F has played an extremely crucial role for a number of operating retail organisations in the Netherlands. R&F’s knowledge and experience with helping the retail sector recognise issues in the field of fraudulent activity through the use of the IntelliQ’s EBR solution has brought the two companies into close cooperation.

The Partnership

R&F and INTELLIQ have already successfully partnered to offer retail organizations in the Netherlands a unique service that completely unburdens our clients in the fight against shrinkage, and are now integrating their offering in order to assist their customers in understanding exactly where their shrinkage occurs and ways in which to reduce it.

IntelliQ’s Exception Based Reporting (EBR) solution enables R&F’s analysts to efficiently analyse transactional data from multiple sources and quickly identify instances of potential fraud, loss or failure in process compliance.  Thanks to the analysts’ knowledge and experience with the retail sector they are able to support the client in resolving any detected issues and settling any fraud or restoring correct procedure.   

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